Contact with the African traditional dance of West Africa. The sense of the team. The circle. The union between the percussions and the dancers. Reconnection to the spine, the sternum and pelvis. With our body and the right posture.

With the earth and sky. Discharge and renew through bare feet and direct contact with the earth. A chance to break free, to unite and to allow ourselves to smile!
African dance is an organic form of dance and it addresses to all the bodies (body type) and all ages. It is simple and accessible; no special knowledge is needed for getting in touch with it. Characterized by rhythm, inner rhythm and reconnection with the body and the earth. It is a dance that boosts confidence through teamwork and cooperation.

African dance is closely connected with African percussions. The sound of percussions and more specifically the sound of Djembe (one of the most dynamic percussion of the world, very expressive and with great communication capability) refers to the heartbeat and builds an explosive atmosphere full of polyrhythmia and earthy pulses in conjunction with bare feet, causes the activation of the entire body.

The combination of polyrytmhia with the movement causes euphoria and ultimate union of musicians and dancers, which they interact in total coexistence. Leaving the body to return to its normal position (relaxed basin, loose hips), touching the floor with bare foot and realizing our spine, we change the attitude not only our body but also our attitude towards life. Removing tension from our body, we remove them from our soul as well.


19.00-20.30 middles - advanced 


11.00-12.30 all levels 

20.15-21.30 all levels ONLINE


19.00-20.30 begginners - middles 


19.00-20.30 middles - advanced

Saturday 12.30 - 14.00

12.30-14.00 beginners - middles

African Dance

Student's Summer African Performance 2014

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